Trat province

The province of Trat The life of the provincial capital is filled with different events: there are busy daytime and night markets, there is a collection of large and affordable fish restaurants. The irresistible attraction of this eastern province, located on the border with Cambodia, about 400 km from Bangkok, undoubtedly has to do with the fact that there is an archipelago of 52 (mostly uninhabited) islands of the Mu Ko Chang National Park. The quiet capital of the province of Trat is especially famous for its jewelery markets, which are located both in the city itself and in its surroundings. There are several distinctive beach resorts. Outside the city, not far from the Laem Ngop pier, where boats depart to Koh Chang, the airport is located where Bangkok Airways flights arrive. Those who are interested in religion and history leave for Wat Phae Khlong Temple, located two kilometers west of the center cities. The temple is more than 200 years old, there are several wooden buildings dating back to the beginning of the Ayutthaya period. The temple also houses a number of ancient relics and Buddha statues. In the early twentieth century, when King Rama V was engaged in the modernization of the country and the abolition of slavery, the Siamese government signed a treaty with France that they are inferior to the province of Trat in France, in exchange for ending the occupation of a nearby province and cede to the French some areas controlled by Siam, such as Siem Reap (now part of Cambodia). The agreement on this was signed on March 23, 1906 - this day became a day of independence for local residents. But the battle for Trat was not completely finished in 1906. In early 1941, French warships entered the Thai waters, starting a battle with the Royal Thai Navy. But the invaders were defeated during the famous battle of Koh Chang.