Makka Tree Koh Kood

is an island of impassable jungles, tall coconut palms and slender plantations of Hevea, but in a word, it is a green island. Being on Koh Kud you will be intoxicated with clean air, saturated with the aroma of plants and flowers. The sea breeze will have a beneficial effect on the state of your body, and the sea sunsets will again and again excite the thinnest strings of the soul.
On the island of Koh Kood grow trees, whose age, according to indigenous people, more than 500 years. A pair of these impressive giants MakaTree until recently was almost inaccessible to the eyes of the guests of the island, because they could only be walked through the jungle. At present, a dirt road has already been laid to the trees, so that anyone can see them and even touch them. Residents of the island visit MakaTree during Buddhist holidays and perform religious ceremonies there. In order to preserve these ancient trees from cutting down, the monks consecrate them and bind them with special robes and ribbons.