Koh Kood island

Every year, lovers of Thailand more and more expand the geography of their travels around the country of smiles. It seems that in small Thailand there are no unexplored interesting places, but as they say, who is looking for, he will always find it!
In the Gulf of Thailand is the archipelago of Mu Koh Chang, consisting of more than fifty islands. These islands are referred to the National Marine Park of Thailand. The most remote from the mainland and little populated is the island of Koh Kood. To this day, for travelers, this island remains an undiscovered mystery and an unexplored place on the map of Thailand.
Ko Kot Island is located near Cambodia in the province of Trat. The island's indigenous population is about 2,000 people, the fourth largest island of Thailand with an area of ​​131 sq.km. On this island there is no fuss, noise and nocturnal entertainment. Residents are a fairly measured and unhurried way of life. There are only six villages on the island, three of which are fishing. The main occupation of the local population from ancient times to the present day is the cultivation of rubber trees of Hevea and fisheries. Koh Kood is rich in amazing beaches, twelve of them are the most famous, there is the main tourist infrastructure with hotels, restaurants, shops.