Khao Ruea Rub Koh Kood

As we mentioned earlier, Koh Kood is a distant, green, sparsely populated island, but it has a unique nature and natural freshness. The main attraction of Koh Where is the nature itself in its pristine state, which in our time is already a rarity, for example, white beaches, azure sea, waterfalls, jungles, rich flora and fauna, etc. In addition, the island has an amazing and unique rock formation of natural origin, reminiscent of the shape of three ships, majestically towering in the tropical jungle. Once this place was awarded the attention of the King of Thailand by His Majesty Rama V. Also on one of the rocks is a statue of the King's son - Admiral KromLuangChomphonKhet Udomsak (1880-1923) founder of the Royal Navy. The 28th son of King Rama V spent six years in England, studying at the Royal Naval Academy. Upon his return to his homeland, he made a great contribution to the Thai Navy. The anniversary of his death, May 19 is the Day of the Navy of Thailand. On the way to the "three ships