Fisherman Villages of Koh Kood Island

Ao Salad Fisherman Village

Ao Salad Fisherman Village located in the north of the island, is the main connecting pier with the mainland. In this village, in any weather, there is quite calm water. Through the fishing village of Ao Salad, basic supplies of food and consumer goods are carried out.
In the fishing village of Ao Salad you can always buy fresh seafood, take it with you, or ask to cook in one of several restaurants on the water. Walking along the pier, you will see how local fishermen live, their house and way of life, preparing to go to sea for fishing, crabs or squid. If you visit the village early in the morning, you can capture the arrival of fishermen with a catch. The
On the hill, next to the fishing village of Ao Salad, a Buddhist Temple with a large Buddha statue facing a large land, as if meeting all the guests of the island, was erected. You can climb the tower with bells and look at the bay of Ao Salad from the top..

Ao Yai Fisherman Village

Ao Yai Fisherman Village is located in the south-east of the island. This is the largest and most remote village, where not a single generation of fishermen has grown up. Before reaching the village, an observation deck was built on the hill, where a beautiful view of the harbor opens and the whole village appears as if on a palm..

Klong Mad Fisherman Village

Klong Mad Fisherman Village is on the west coast - this is the most ancient village of the island. On the way to the village there are hotels Koh Kood Beach Resort. In addition to fishing, the villagers opened grocery stores, cafes and guesthouses and, nevertheless, when you walk along small paths of the village there is also an atmosphere of serenity, dimensionality and identity of the indigenous population..