Beaches of Koh Kood Island

Klong Chao Beach

Klong Chao Beach very beautiful beach, located in the central part of the island on the west side. This is perhaps the most popular beach in Koh Kood, a kind of visiting card of the island, however, this does not mean that there is always a lot of tourists, because there are simply no crowded beaches on this island. The sand on this beach is not just white, it's so small it just creaks under your feet like snow, and it's nice to just walk barefoot on it. There are several hotels directly on the beach, as well as a few simple guesthouses along the main road, 5 minutes walk to the beach such as. Klong Chao Beach is simply an amazing beach, because it looks more like a peninsula, if you look at it from the side of the Gulf of Thailand, and round it, you get to the Klong Chao river with beautiful mangrove thickets.
Hotels on Klong Chao Beach

Ao Prao Beach

Ao Prao Beach Ao Prao beach stretches almost one kilometer in the very south of Koh Kood Island, where there are three resorts and a small fishing village. The fishing village is next to the mouth in the western part, where you can also find the For Rest Boutique House along the river with mangroves. In the center of the beach is the resort which is located in the eastern part of the beach. The beach of Ao Prao is quite large, however very remote from the main tourist infrastructure of the island.
Hotels on Ao Prao Beach

Ao Tapao Beach

Ao Tapao Beach The longest beach on the island of Koh Kood is the beach of Ao Tapao, more than one kilometer with clean and white sand. On the beach of Ao Tapao is the pier Nam Lik, once it was used for passenger and cargo ferries and was the main pier of the island in the high tourist season. However, at present the pier is not used, only occasionally local fishing vessels moor.
Now a large concrete pier is mainly used by locals and tourists, for evening walks, from where the picturesque sunset opens. This beach is a new luxury resort, with villas, swimming pool, beach bar and restaurant, as well as several popular hotels. Also close to the pier of Ao Tapao beach, along the main road you can get to a new mini market where you can buy all the necessary goods and products.
Hotels on Ao Tapao Beach

Bang Bao Beach

Bang Bao Beach is a favorite holiday destination for families with children, as well as couples in love with romance, seascapes and scenic sunsets. In this bay there are resorts for every budget, starting from the most simple bungalows on the beach, a bungalow in the garden and overlooking the sea with a pool, as well as with more luxurious villas with a private terrace, jacuzzi.
Bang Bao Beach boasts an extensive coastal line with white sand, azure crystal water, slender coconut palms bordering the coast. But for those who like to swim with a tube and mask there are places where you can admire the underwater sea view. Having taken a kayak in the hotel, you can admire bay and from chit the surrounding sea.
Rising from the bay at the top, you can find small cafes and shops where you can buy everything you need or enjoy an inexpensive but delicious Thai and European cuisine.
Hotels on Bang Bao Beach

Ao Noi Beach

Ao Noi Beach a beautiful long beach with white sand. Coconut palms frame this beach with pure azure water, creating an atmosphere of a tropical paradise.
This beach is a hotel of the same name, which has its own large pier, to which speedboats cruising between islands can easily board. However, for fans swimming with a tube and a mask, there are also places for leisurely walks on kayaks and diving.
Ao Noi picturesque beach of Koh Kood island will not leave you indifferent during romantic sunsets, where the peace, quiet and peace will be yours satellites.
Hotels on Ao Noi Beach

Ao Jark Beach

Ao Jark Beach a very long beach with a wide strip of white sand. Bowed coconut palms above crystal clear water create a picture of Bounty, amazing landscapes, as if from a movie about a distant tropical island.
There is a hotel on this beach, it is almost there, and you will enjoy peace and quiet, far from not only from city ​​noise, but also from other tourists on the island.
This beach is ideal for lovers of secluded beach holidays, for leisurely walks, although you can make trips to the center of the island by renting a scooter.
Ao Jak's picturesque island of Koh Kood filing Rit you unforgettable moments of bliss and open space in a tropical paradise.
Hotels on Ao Jark Beach

Ta Khian Beach

Ta Khian Beach located in the southwest - another beautiful beach of the tropical island of Koh Kood. On this beach is a hotel where you will enjoy beautiful picturesque sunsets, with comfort and surrounded by coconut trees, white sand and azure sea.
This beach is ideal for lovers of secluded beach holidays, for leisurely walks, although it is possible to travel to center of the island, renting a scooter.
The picturesque beach of Ta Khaian Island Koh Kood will give you unforgettable warm moments and memories of the tropical paradise.
Hotels on Ta Khian Beach